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When it comes to crisis everyone thinks “That will never happen to me”, but what if it does? Two things: 1) be prepared and 2) don’t panic.

How to prepare for the crisis? You can never be fully and completely prepared for the crisis, since it can occur anytime and anyplace, it could be during the night or over the weekend, but whenever it happens and however unexpected it is, you should be prepared. The best way to prepare for the crisis is to predict potential crisis situations in advance and think about the possible solutions to the crisis even before it happens. This also includes defining members of the crisis team and the communication procedures between them, as well as key messages adapted to the crisis situation.

And what to do in case crisis happens? Do not panic! That could make the situation even worse than it really is. The most important thing during the crisis is communication – who communicates and what is communicated. Crisis situations occur on a daily basis and in the era of social networks they can spread to the speed of light. This is why it’s important to act fast and to answer to the crisis immediately. Don’t just sit and wait for the crisis to pass, because it won’t.


You can not predict the crisis, but you can prevail it. Effective crisis management can not only help you in overcoming the crisis and minimizing its damage, but it can also improve your image among public as a responsible professional, who is capable of dealing with difficult situations and solving problems without major consequences.

Author: Jelena Ovuka

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