Make yourself heard in the Twittersphere


Over time, the core business of the PR industry remained the same, but what changes, what keeps on advancing, are the communication channels being used. New technologies bring new media, and new media bring new ways to share news.

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To troll, or not to troll, that is the question


Bulgaria entered the new 2014 with a pungent scandal which broke out of the circles of the political elite in the country – the so-called internet trolls were exposed, and they transformed our understanding of fair play, or rather, got us convinced yet again that its reality is just hypothetical.

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Keep calm and call an expert


When anyone is unfortunate enough to have a legal problem, a health issue, or a toothache, nobody hesitates to call the best lawyer, doctor or dentist they can afford. So it’s surprising to see that when a business comes under attack as a result of a crisis, usually driven by media, many senior managers still believe they already have all the skills needed to defend their company.

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Buy me- building an emotional connection with the brand


How many times you were buying some brands no matter what their price was? Well, the answer is pretty much simple.

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Can’t see the wood without the trees!


We often encounter people being divided into two groups of aficionados – The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones; Sean Connery vs Roger Moore; Liberalism vs Conservatism; or even Beer vs Wine – and the same goes to types of personalities – introverts vs extroverts; thinkers vs doers; or those having an analytic or holistic approach to life and work.

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Is the grass greener on the other side of the fence?


Lots of people nowadays have the opportunity to change jobs, but not as many to change career. I was one of those who had the opportunity change career and I took it without a second thought.

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Serbian elections – one winner, many losers


The stunning success registered by the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in Serbia’s parliamentary election at the weekend entirely vindicates the decision of the party’s leader, and outgoing Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić to force a poll two years before the law required.

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Your business has gone digital – how about your communications?


Put in the context of PR, the constant development of technology is much alike survival of the fittest. Clients’ stories still need to timely make an impact on those who really benefit from them, but in the beehive of messages, visuals, promotions and TMIs an average consumer finds himself in on the daily basis, how do communication pros ensure that actually happens?

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Help me help you


A well-known phrase from an even better-known, seemingly “chick-flick” “Jerry Maguire”, the story of a struggling sports agent trying to negotiate a good contract for his football player client, and live up to the client’s expectations, as well as his own. It got me inspired to share a few thoughts on how to get the maximum out of your PR agency, and why you should perceive it as your partner.

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On the importance of being socially adequate


“Looking for Financial Reporting & Consolidation Manager! URGENT!!!”

Really? A recruiter looking for talent for such a difficult position to fill in – via Facebook at that.

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The support they provide for our activities in the Balkan region have made us look at Webb Dowse as a part of our team.

Jelena Ristić, Head of Sales, MasterCard Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

Webb Dowse je jednostavno najprofesionalniji tim koji se trenutno bavi odnosima sa medijima u Srbiji.

Vesna Mirilo, novinarka „24 sata“

Događaji koje Webb Dowse organizuje za novinare su besprekorni: tim ostavlja utisak sveprisutnosti i organizovanosti, a da pritom nisu nametljivi. Pravo je zadovoljstvo sarađivati sa njima.

Radojka Nikolić, glavna i odgovorna urednica Nira Press izdanja

I genuinely recommend Webb Dowse agency for the professional services they have been providing us in a timely, creative and know-how manner.

Dijana Božić- Srdanović, Communication Manager at ArcelorMittal Zenica

Webb Dowse has been one of our key media partners in organisation of the conference of relations between the UK and Serbia. They are highly reliable and professional team, able to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders and institutions.

Mihajlo Rabrenović, PhD, organiser of Eurosfera conference

On behalf of our 1,500 plus members, we would like to thank you for formulating a media marketing plan that has made us into one of the best and well known clubs of this kind.

Serbian City Club

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