Trust me


It’s an elusive thing, trust. A priceless jewel that you can’t buy, steal or borrow. Like its cousin, respect, you just have to earn it.

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Robots need not apply  


There were several more who think the business of professional PR involves endless parties, hanging out with celebrities and other glamorous stuff. Sure, we do a little of that, but not a lot… our business is serious consultancy.

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Are you a sustainable leader?


We hear a lot about sustainable business these days and we’re going to hear a lot more. It used to mean a degree of environmental awareness, and maybe a passing nod towards some form of social responsibility. Not any more.

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Communicating in the business jungle


Corporate entities should realize that they have personalities too, and intelligent companies think carefully about every aspect of how they are understood by their audiences, not just what they say.

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Irresponsible Taxation of Responsible Business Activities


The current government of Bulgaria recently passed some significant legal amendments regarding the gambling industry in the country in an attempt to find an alternative way to compensate for at least some part of the 1.8 bn leva state deficit.

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Fast train to skillsville


I worked in one or two agencies back in the UK where the senior managers were very afraid of something called “Knowledge Transfer”. At the time, I wasn’t too sure what it was.

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My Burberry


During October 2014, Webb Dowse was supporting the advertising campaign for My Burberry perfume in Belgrade. Our college Dragana Aleksic Matic was inspired to share an interesting story about the iconic British luxury brand and My Burberry perfume.

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Evolution needed here…


Webb Dowse recently participated in a memorable event at the Serbian Embassy in London. The occasion was a particularly special one; for some two years, we have been working closely with our clients, the Serbian City Club, to bring about an important change in the law regarding the recognition in Serbia of degrees gained in other countries.

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Geeks bearing gifts


Part of the schadenfreude to be derived from major PR fiascos comes from the fact that, to any reasonable observer, most are avoidable. Such is the case with the Apple U2 promotion, inquests upon which continue to be held in the media.

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What exactly does “healthy” mean in the public space and who’s to be held accountable for it?


A people without culture cannot call itself “nation” anymore

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Događaji koje Webb Dowse organizuje za novinare su besprekorni: tim ostavlja utisak sveprisutnosti i organizovanosti, a da pritom nisu nametljivi. Pravo je zadovoljstvo sarađivati sa njima.

Radojka Nikolić, glavna i odgovorna urednica Nira Press izdanja

The support they provide for our activities in the Balkan region have made us look at Webb Dowse as a part of our team.

Jelena Ristić, Head of Sales, MasterCard Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

I genuinely recommend Webb Dowse agency for the professional services they have been providing us in a timely, creative and know-how manner.

Dijana Božić- Srdanović, Communication Manager at ArcelorMittal Zenica

On behalf of our 1,500 plus members, we would like to thank you for formulating a media marketing plan that has made us into one of the best and well known clubs of this kind.

Serbian City Club

Webb Dowse has been one of our key media partners in organisation of the conference of relations between the UK and Serbia. They are highly reliable and professional team, able to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders and institutions.

Mihajlo Rabrenović, PhD, organiser of Eurosfera conference

Webb Dowse je jednostavno najprofesionalniji tim koji se trenutno bavi odnosima sa medijima u Srbiji.

Vesna Mirilo, novinarka „24 sata“

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