A small matter of trust


A comms manager who is not able to see what is being said about her company on social media channels? That seems crazy enough. But there is a more serious issue underlying this; it’s surely a matter of trust.

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Micromanagement in corporate communications


This is definitely an oxymoron! It can be hard to avoid and can be a common thing, but it’s best to resist it and rely on good old team work. So, how does (not) micromanagement apply to communications?

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The new art of loss of privacy


The Slobodna Zona (Free Zone) film festival that took place recently in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš, opened with a gala screening of the documentary Amy, about the life, and tragically premature death, of Amy Winehouse, an event made more poignant by the fact that many in the audience had witnessed the singer’s final, public meltdown, on stage at Belgrade Fortress in 2011.

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Syrian refugees link will draw the Balkans into the aftermath of the Paris attacks


Friday’s horrific attacks in Paris raise myriad questions which can only begin to be answered once the full facts regarding the terrorists are known, but the atrocities have already conflated two of this year’s biggest international news stories, the extension of Islamic State’s war to areas outside the Middle East and the flow of significant numbers of Syrian refugees into Europe.

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What is successful communication? This is what it is not.


Even if you don’t passionately follow the news, chances are that if you listen closely, you can hear patterns repeating. Not just phrases, entire patterns.

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How are the mighty fallen?


Volkswagen. Until just a couple of weeks ago, it was a name that epitomized the best of German engineering excellence.

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All hail the video!


Video content is growing more important in communications. True, this is not a revolutionary concept, but why should it matter to you as a business owner or a communication professional?

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Staying relevant  


Are you keeping up with the changes of Facebook news-feed?

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Smells like team spirit


Would you like to know about a secret management weapon that can help you overcome almost any business challenge? Of course you would.

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Same old story?


This week’s UK elections have highlighted two main points. First, it’s clear the country is deeply split, with around 35% of voters choosing parties one main party or another – parties that are diametrically opposed to each other on major issues.

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On behalf of our 1,500 plus members, we would like to thank you for formulating a media marketing plan that has made us into one of the best and well known clubs of this kind.

Serbian City Club

Događaji koje Webb Dowse organizuje za novinare su besprekorni: tim ostavlja utisak sveprisutnosti i organizovanosti, a da pritom nisu nametljivi. Pravo je zadovoljstvo sarađivati sa njima.

Radojka Nikolić, glavna i odgovorna urednica Nira Press izdanja

Webb Dowse je jednostavno najprofesionalniji tim koji se trenutno bavi odnosima sa medijima u Srbiji.

Vesna Mirilo, novinarka „24 sata“

Webb Dowse has been one of our key media partners in organisation of the conference of relations between the UK and Serbia. They are highly reliable and professional team, able to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders and institutions.

Mihajlo Rabrenović, PhD, organiser of Eurosfera conference

I genuinely recommend Webb Dowse agency for the professional services they have been providing us in a timely, creative and know-how manner.

Dijana Božić- Srdanović, Communication Manager at ArcelorMittal Zenica

The support they provide for our activities in the Balkan region have made us look at Webb Dowse as a part of our team.

Jelena Ristić, Head of Sales, MasterCard Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

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