Anatomy of a crisis – whatever can go wrong, probably will


Nobody likes to pay for Crisis Management preparation and training. It’s a bit like house insurance – an expense you can do without – until the fateful day when a hurricane takes off your roof or fire reduces your home to ashes.

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A Quiet Business Revolution Waiting to Happen


The new column on business training written by David Dowse, Senior Partner at Webb Dowse, in the latest issue of Diplomacy&Commerce

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Traditional vs. Digital PR


Has digital PR overpowered the traditional one?

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Do you know who is mentioning you online?


It’s 2016 and we all have a good understanding of social media, right? Well, not really. There are a lot of companies in Serbia that are not aware of the fact that individuals all over social networks are talking about their brands, products, and services.

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In case of crisis…


When it comes to crisis everyone thinks “That will never happen to me”, but what if it does? Two things: 1) be prepared and 2) don’t panic.

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Influencer Marketing: What You Need to Know to Get Started


If you are asking yourself how to reach the millennials, the answer is easy – place brands in front of them through social influencers.

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A New Face for Vanity Publishing?


Vanity Publishing is still alive and well, just re-invented and with a new face. It’s called Facebook.

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Tips for more effective Corporate Communications


David Dowse’s top tips for more effective Corporate Communications.

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Change is coming – you can bank on it


The only thing certain is change. This is as true for the business of banking as it is in every other aspect of life. Change can be gradual, like evolution, or dramatic, like global systemic collapse.

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Supply and demand


As small business, Webb Dowse is a supplier and also a customer. Many much larger players than us still seem to believe in the dinosaur attitude – putting the screws on suppliers is good business sense. After all, there are few quicker and easier ways to fatten the bottom line than to squeeze your suppliers until they bleed.

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Događaji koje Webb Dowse organizuje za novinare su besprekorni: tim ostavlja utisak sveprisutnosti i organizovanosti, a da pritom nisu nametljivi. Pravo je zadovoljstvo sarađivati sa njima.

Radojka Nikolić, glavna i odgovorna urednica Nira Press izdanja

Webb Dowse has been one of our key media partners in organisation of the conference of relations between the UK and Serbia. They are highly reliable and professional team, able to communicate efficiently with different stakeholders and institutions.

Mihajlo Rabrenović, PhD, organiser of Eurosfera conference

Webb Dowse je jednostavno najprofesionalniji tim koji se trenutno bavi odnosima sa medijima u Srbiji.

Vesna Mirilo, novinarka „24 sata“

I genuinely recommend Webb Dowse agency for the professional services they have been providing us in a timely, creative and know-how manner.

Dijana Božić- Srdanović, Communication Manager at ArcelorMittal Zenica

The support they provide for our activities in the Balkan region have made us look at Webb Dowse as a part of our team.

Jelena Ristić, Head of Sales, MasterCard Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

On behalf of our 1,500 plus members, we would like to thank you for formulating a media marketing plan that has made us into one of the best and well known clubs of this kind.

Serbian City Club

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